Bulldogs Across America

The mission of Bulldogs Across America is to create and support alumni sponsored internship programs that are sustainable by the local community.  In addition, the programs will provide meaningful internships, free or low cost housing, a comprehensive set of high content events and presentations which illuminate the host community, and profound personal engagement of alumni and interns.  It is a significant educational and maturing experience for the participants and one they will regard as invaluable in their Yale career.

The program provides students the opportunity to work for 8-10 weeks over the summer.  Yale Alumni Clubs in various cities partner with the Office of Career Strategy to provide students with summer internships throughout the United States.  Each location offers internships in a variety of career fields including the arts, politics, global health, STEM, community advocacy, “think tanks,” finance, journalism, and law.  Some locations provide students housing for the duration of the experience and the opportunity to work with local alumni who serve as mentors and in-city support throughout their internship.  There are both paid and unpaid internships.

Program Dates

Many internships will take place between late May and early August.  Please refer to the internship postings in Symplicity for specific start and end dates.


Positions are open to current Yale College students.  Seniors graduation in May 2015 are eligible to apply based on employer preference indicated in the job description.

All participating students will be asked to complete a post-Summer survey regarding their experience.  This survey is mandatory.  Failure to complete this survey by the deadline will result in your access being blocked for a semester or longer to the Office of Career Strategy’s Symplicity system, which will block your ability to search and apply for internship programs, post-graduate jobs, Office of Career Strategy and employer-sponsored events, and alumni networking resources.

Application Process

The positions are open for students to apply in Symplicity under Job/Internship Search.  To apply you must complete the Yale-coordinated Internship Tutorial & Registration, which is found in the Document Library.  Employers will continue to post positions through March, so students are encouraged to check often.


While there is an initial application deadline of Monday, February 2 at 9:30am EST, additional internships continue to be posted throughout the Spring, with rolling deadlines.  In these instances, the application deadlines are chosen by the employer, so please be thorough when reading an employer’s position description and application dates.  Employers with the February 2 deadline will receive all applications after the deadline.  However, some employers choose to receive applications on a rolling basis instead of waiting until February 2 to receive all applications.  Employers are encouraged to make offers to applicants by February 20.  Some employers may not meet this deadline.  Employers with deadlines after February 2 will receive applications on a rolling basis, and therefore positions may be filled before the actual listed deadline, if the right candidate is found.  Therefore, apply early and check Symplicity often for new postings.

Required Documents

For most positions, apply with a resume and cover letter.  Some employers have additional application requirements, such as the including of writing samples or an unofficial transcript.

Managing Offers

Students will be notified by email if they are offered a positions.  Students who receive offers will then accept or decline an offer via Symplicity.  Students must respond to offers within 2 business days, otherwise the offer will expire and the position will be offered to another candidate.  Once a student accepts an offer, they must notify all other employers that they are withdrawing they applications and decline any interviews or withstanding offers.  Students who accept an offer and then renege on their acceptance can be penalized by losing access to the Office of Career Strategy services.


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